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This page is dedicated to all the dogs we have loved and lost. They will be forever in our hearts.
Our Last Walk
Written for Lucy AKA Gooey Duck
12/03/1999 – 12/15/2010
LucyIt was a cold and wet December morning you had been ill for a couple of days but you wanted to walk down a path that we have taken so many times before.
This particular morning you stopped frequently to look around at the birds and squirrels romping in the tops to the trees. We stopped by the creek for a drink and walked back home.
It was a great walk and one I will never forget as just a couple of hours after that walk I had to say good by to you one last time. You will always be present in my heart.
Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Mandy 8-28-1997 – 4-17-2009
Have you ever loved a Dog?
If you have you know all to well that there are a couple of days in the life of your Dog that will always stand out in your heart.
The first is the day you bring home your new best friend. That Chubby little puppy full of life, and wonder. She will begin to take over the house, chewing on all your favorite things. Somehow we overlook all the carnage and fall head over heels in love with that sweet little face and all is soon forgiven.
As the years pass and life becomes mundane you can always find your friend at your side. One year fades into the next and before you know it 8 or 9 years have passed. You look into the eyes of your faithful friend; then you focus on all the gray around her eyes and realize that time has passed much faster for her.
There is not much playing and alot more napping in her life. When she gets up to take her favorite walk with you, she moves a bit slower and more deliberately. In the back of your mind you know that time is limited and “That Day” will all too soon be upon you.
That day you have to make the ultimate decision to let go. With a heavy heart you choose to end the suffering of your best friend. No matter how your friend leaves you and hopefully God made the decision for you, you will feel as if you are the only person on earth that has lost a best friend like yours. You will want to cry and don’t hold back because your friend has earned each and every one of your tears with her dedication and love.
Written By Christa Thompson
For our Girl Mandy who was with us for almost 12 years She passed away April 17, 2009 We will miss you deeply!

coho2This section of this page is for Coho. Coho was one of our hunting dogs with a Junior  hunt title.
Coho was a beloved Friend he was lost in a tragic accident July of 2006

We will think of you one day in spring when the wind is blowing through the old apple tree.
We will think of you when we see the first fallen snow of winter.
We will think of you as we gaze into your favorite hunting pond on our first hunt of the season.
Most of all we will think of you for no reason at all.
When it is time for me to go
I know I will see you waiting there for me at the Rainbow Bridge
Until then go and play free.
We will miss you our fine friend.
We love you.
Written by Christa Thompson
In memory of Coho
owned and loved by 
Royal and LaDonna Stearns

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