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Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership

NOTE: I am a very busy person. I work outside of breeding. I run three businesses, which I am lucky I can run from home. My day starts at 6:00 and ends at 8:00 if I am lucky. I show dogs most every weekend.

Please do not hold it against me or any other breeder if we cannot get back to your email or phone call the same day you left it!

Please See the litter page for the latest information about upcoming litter.

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call us at 503 704 5049

About us

We have a love for this breed that runs deep. Our goal is to breed Golden Retrievers free of major health Issues, as well as promoting responsible dog ownership. While maintaining the integrity of the Golden Retriever breed.

We primarily breed goldens as wonderful members of your Family as well as Show dogs, Hunting dogs, service and therapy dog.

We are dedicated to loving and producing Golden Retrievers with good health, as well as that wonderful golden temperament.

A Golden Retriever will quickly become a wonderful hunting partner and an adored member of your family. You owe it to yourselves to find the best possible Golden that you can.

A Whiskey Creek Golden Retriever has been carefully bred from sound animals to bring you many years of hunting and family enjoyment and loving companionship.

Bringing home a Golden Retriever is a decision that should not be made without careful consideration of the traits and habits of this wonderful breed.

Goldin’s need to know that they are part of your family and not just become a dog banished to the back yard or ​garage for most of its life.

Golden’s must exercise and constant, loving attention. Golden youngsters are mouthy and need to be properly trained and raised to insure you can provide for their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Before considering the purchase of a Golden, please be sure you can provide everything your new dog/puppy requires so that he/she can become a happy, well adjusted, and above all, healthy companion.

All prospective clients are welcome to come visit and meet our dogs. By Appointment only and only if I do not have puppies on the ground.

If I have puppies on the ground, we are a “closed kennel” This means you may have to wait until the next litter to get a puppy should you want to meet me and out dogs before placing a non- refundable deposit to reserve one of our puppies. All email or phone inquiries regarding or the occasional availability of an adult dog are welcome. I will reply to all.

Thank you for considering Whiskey Creek Golden Retrievers for your future

Pacific Rim Golden retriever club.

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