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Whiskey Creeks Rocket to My Heart

Kori's Clearances

OFA Hips: GR-141868G24F-P-VPI Good

OFA Elbow: GR-EL61554F24-P-VPINormal 

Heart: Cardiologist Cleared 9/2/2022 Normal 

 Eye: ophthalmologist  Normal  8/6/2023

ICHTHYOSIS: carrier Gensol 302932

ICHTHYOSIS type 2 Pawprint clear 293746  

All clearances on file with the breeder

Kori 2.JPG

Kori is Medium Golden with light feathers. Kori is a very quiet girl that  loves everyone. Kori was bred for, grace and beauty in the conformation ring.  Kori loves to be on the water or in the woods.


Enjoy more Photos of Kori

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