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Welcome to our litters Page! 

Please read this entire page as there is a lot of information you will want to know about me as a breeder, our puppies, their parents and our purchase policies.

We like you to visit with us.

As of September 10, 2013.

We are no longer shipping puppies/dogs sight unseen. All puppies/dogs must be seen in person by the prospective buyer(s) in a face to face meeting where the buyer, seller and animal are all present.

We are sorry for any extra cost and inconvenience this may cause you. This is a new federal law regarding the sale of puppies to private buyers. This is an effort to protect the buyer from receiving a puppy produced in substandard conditions.


The address listed on Google is not our actual location. It is the Scappoose post office. We had to change our address on google as people would just show up and want to buy a puppy. This is not haw we home our puppies and we don't always have puppies available.  

Breeders are busy people

Most breeders work outside of breeding. I personally run three businesses, which I am lucky I can run from home for the most part. My day starts at 6:00 and ends at 8:00 if I am lucky. I show dogs most every weekend. Please do not hold it against me or any other breeder if we are not able to get back to your email or phone call the same day you left it!

What Are Our Breeding Plans for the rest of 2023 

All of the litters planned for this year will produce exceptional puppies capable of being service dogs, companion dogs, hunting dogs, obedience dogs. All they need is your time and commitment to them.

*** Our next litter May be available to go home in August  *** 

up dated February 9th 2024


Please feel free to visit the rest of our web site and get to know our dogs!

Please contact us at


call us at 503 704 5049

for more information

Mailing information 

P.O. Box 1064 

Scappoose Oregon 97056 

Please do not text!



Kennel Shopping Not Such a Great Idea!!

Therefore we are a closed Kennel 

when we have unvaccinated puppies! 

If you are Puppy Shopping Please, DO NOT see more than one litter in a day. If you should choose to see more than one litter, please bring along a complete change of clothing including your shoes. You will need to change into the clothes before coming onto the property of the second litter as there are many viruses and parasites that could be passed on your clothing and shoes to the second litter. Some of them can be deadly to the next litter you see!!

We are a closed kennel once puppies are on the ground. what this means is that we do not let anyone who has not reserved a puppy on the property.

What is a Closed kennel??

Sadly some people have not listened to my warning.. in 2018 we had someone bring an illness that left me and a litter of 11 fighting for their lives. Sadly we did loose a puppy but I was able to save the rest but at great cost to me not only financially but emotionally. Therefore we are now a closed kennel.. This means that if we have any puppies on the property that are not fully vaccinated we do not allow anyone on the property this includes families that have a vested interest in the litter. Meaning they have reserved a puppy from one of our litters. 

In order to keep our families involved in the litter we set a Facebook page for the litter starting on day. I do my best to post weekly videos and Photos of the puppies. 


At 6 weeks we have a Zoom meeting to discus what you are looking for in your puppy as well as other very impotent things.   

I am happy to report that since the illness we have raised other litters successfully.   

Why Get a Puppy From a Reputable Breeder?

Avoid heartache or the loss of your pet at an early age to genetic defects.. Make sure that the parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents of the puppies have been tested for hip, elbow, eye, and heart defects as well as DNA testing on at least one side of the pedigree. before choosing a Breeder. These tests could save you from not only expensive vet bills but could save you from losing your pet way too young. Now even with all of the testing nothing is 100% things can and do happen..

Before calling Please see our Q&A page it may answer many of the question you have.

As a buyer of a Whiskey Creek Golden you will get copies of all documentation. 

All of the puppies have will have been seen by our vet within a day or two before going home. They will have had their first shots and will have been wormed several times. We no longer have their dew claws removed.

We send all of our puppies home with a gift from us, a blanket that smells like Mom and sibling, as well as some food. 

Are you getting what you are paying for?? 

I am a breeder of over 30 years. We have produced several generations of Genetically healthy well-adjusted puppies. With the potential to be successful in Conformation, obeisance, agility, and in the field.

Our puppies are family raised until they come to you. On our property you can see five generations of dogs from Great Great Grandmother down to our last litter of Puppies. 

I am an AKC Breeder of Merit 

I have proven that my dogs are beautiful examples of the breed!   

Recently I have seen relatively new breeders with very little knowledge of pedigrees Zero Bred by Champions, or dogs titled in the Field, obedience, or Agility rings. Asking anywhere from $3200.00 to $3800.00 for their puppies. 

Do your home work and pay the same for a well established breeder that has proven their dogs come form healthy well established lines and have produced dogs of their breeding worthy of earning those titles.   

Our Purchase Policies

As responsible breeders, the genetic health, happiness and well-being of each of our puppies is very important to us. It is our policy that pet quality puppies be sold on a limited registration. Under a purchase agreement that requires spaying or neutering at the appropriate age. This helps us to preserve the integrity of the breed by protecting against irresponsible breeding.

Potential homes should fully understand the needs of a Golden Retriever and be willing to meet these needs. This includes being able to offer a safe, loving, responsible and permanent home where the dog’s exercise, nutrition, companionship and veterinary requirements are always provided. We are the proud breeders of dogs that have been successful in all realms of competitive endeavors and that have also excelled in homes as beloved pets.

​How We raise our puppies 

Our puppies are 100% raised on our home and are never put in any out buildings..

Before we even consider breeding one of our girls, they get Some DNA testing to make sure any stud dog we choose will compliment her genetically. We make sure she has passed all of her OFA clearances Such as hips, Elbows, hearts and eye. With the eyes being examined annually.

Before the breeding take place, 

she is seen by our vet to make sure she is healthy enough to carry a litter. During her pregnancy we will do ultrasounds, feed her the best foods and add in some supplements for a healthy happy mamma. About a week before the puppies are due to be born, we will set up her whelping box and den so she is confrontable and happy. We may do x-rays to see what we are expecting. However, We only do this is we are expecting a really large litter or a really small one as sometime we may elect to have a C-section done once she starts early labor.

Now that the puppies have arrived. 

At about 3 days of age once or twice a day we do Early neurological stimulation (ENS) This helps stimulate brain activity and increase problem solving abilities. For the first 4 weeks we let mamma and baby’s bond. We change there blankest and keep them warm and cozy.

At 4 weeks 

we build the puppies a huge play “yard” the size of a small bedroom. We add in interactive toys that make noise, tunnel, slides, swing, activity structure…. so many other things. All of these things build confidence.

At 5 weeks 

we start using the vacuum and start dropping pans, drumming on a little drum and using musical interments that make different noises. We let the puppies interact with the item as well. This desensitizes them to all sorts of noises.

At 6 weeks 

we just continue adding in and taking our different items. And of course, loving on them every day. At 6 weeks out grandchildren are allowed to get in the box with the puppies and play for a bit.

At 7 – 8 weeks 

we have a lot going on. The puppies see the temperament tester, for show puppies we see other breeders for a structural evaluation. About 3 days before going home we go see the vet. Everyone who comes in contact with the puppies during those visits will be required to wear a smock, was hands and remove shoes. The puppies will be put in a separate testing aria to cut down on the risk of illnesses.

We are members in good standing with our local golden retriever club, The golden retriever club of America as well as an obedience club and all breed clubs.

We actively show and work our dogs in AKC, UKC, and IBICA events on a regular basis.

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