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Intl. CH Whiskey Creeks Wile Flowers CGC TDI

Kali Intl show new Champion.jpg

Kali's Clearances

Weight 55 Lbs.

March 9, 2021


Chic # 184000

OFA HIPS: GR-141603G24F-P-VPI Good

OFA Elbow: GR-EL61284F24-P-VPI Normal

OFA Heart: GR-BCA7324/16F/C-VPI Normal

OFA Eye: GR-EYE30962/15F-VPI Normal

ICHTHYOSIS type 1 Clear Via Gensol #302933

ICHTHYOSIS type 2 Clear Via Pawprint #293744


Kali is Light Golden in color with light colored feathers. Kali is a very quiet girl that loves to please people. Kali was  bred for balance, grace, and beauty in the conformation ring. Kali is a big lover, she loves everyone she comes in contact with. Kali really didn't like the show ring But we managed top finish her international Championship and hope to get her into the AKC ring in the future until then we have given her another Job one that she like a little better and that is give comfort to those who need her. She Really loves to go and visit people in retirement homes and work with sick people. Her favorite thing is being a comfort dog and has been comforting people for some time.


Kali Snow day 2_edited.jpg


Enjoy photo of Kali

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