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Available Adult dog & Older Puppies 



 Please see details Below on each dog 

please contact us at 


Call at 503 704 5049

For mare information about each dog.

We Currently have 1 adult up for adoption.

The dog young dogs listed below are not from Whiskey creek. They are from a breeder near Salem that had a house fire in October. These dogs were rescued from the fire by the breeder who risked her own life to save them. in doing so the dogs were set loose and are now their lineage us unverifiable and can not be used in her breeding program.   

All of the Girls have the same Background. 

All Very sweet

need some training

Between 1 year and 2.5 years

up to date on vaccinations 

Seen a vet in the last 3 months 

Not Spayed.

Reedy for find their Forever homes.


Enjoy photos of them

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